These are the words we want our students to hear when they walk through the doors of our newly revamped and redecorated youth room!

As you know, the home is where so much of life happens.

Relationships are formed, strengthened, fractured, forgiven, and renewed.

Identity is shaped by things that are done, said, thought, and acted upon.

In a lot of ways, the home is the safe harbor we all need in life.  As we go about our daily lives living in the stormy seas of routines and relationships, we need a place to anchor down and simply…be

A place where we can rest.

A place where we can reflect.

A place where we can be renewed.  

When it’s at it’s best, the home is the place where we prepare ourselves to go back out into the seas of daily life.  

At bcc|youth, we want to create another place in the lives of our students…a place like a home, where students can come and simply…be. 

No, we’re not trying to take the place of our students’ homes, but we do want to create a place for students that feels familiar, safe, and comfortable.  

Why??  Because one of our goals as a student ministry is to provide an active community for students to belong to.  A place where each student is known, loved, served, and celebrated!  A place where relationships with others are strengthened and an understanding of God is nurtured.  

That’s why we have updated our space, so that it allows for these kinds of relationships (with God and others) to grow.

We see the youth room embodying some of the best parts of the home:

The Kitchen  
Where food is found and hospitality is extended

The Dining Room 
Where meals are shared and conversations happen

The Living Room 
Where fun is happens and play is encouraged

The Family Room  
Where real-life conversations happen

The Den  
Where faith is contemplated and deepened

We’re not putting up walls, we’re just creating zones for each of these rooms to be represented.

Time in The House is one way our students can slow down and focus on what really matters the most.  Here, we take students who are striving to live life to the fullest and we surround them with others who are pursuing a growing relationship with Christ.


There you have it!  We hope that you can join us from time to time in The House!  We're open most Tuesday's throughout the school year.


As always, thank you for all of your support and involvement with


Jeffg, Jacob and Emma



  • We want the first hour to be all about unplugging from our busy day. 

  • We'd love to talk with our kiddos about their days and encourage them with our words and through prayer if they'd want.

  • There will be no screens (unless for homework).

  • Kids can bring a book to read for pleasure, listen to music, draw or sketch, take a walk on our nature trail,  or they can do homework after checking in with each other.  


  • The second hour is about being creative and having fun!

  • Art projects, group games, board games, dinner prep, video games are just a few ideas of what we'll do here!


  • Next, we'll eat dinner as a group and clean up.

  • There's always more going on during a meal than just eating!  Our kiddos will get the chance to talk around the table and get to know one another better...all over a shared meal!


  • We’ll end the night with a quick encouragement from the Bible and discussion about faith followed by free time!

Please know that we don’t expect kids to be at The House for the entire 4 hours.  We just wanted to show you what a typical night will look like so you know what will be happening.  We are also planning a couple special events this spring that will include cooking lessons with Colleen, mothers day gift making, pickleball, and more!  

As always, we're trying to find the balance between building a friendly community and spending time learning about God and faith.  This is not always easy to do in our busy culture, but we work hard at providing a safe place for kids to learn more about the God who created them!